Cars is an American internet-based automotive news and car shopping website owned and operated by Cars Inc. With 9.2 million visitors to the Cars website each month, we are one of the top-tier destinations for industry news, car reviews, vehicle shopping tools, providing help to thousands of drivers.


2010 - 2012

With an average of more than 31 million visits each month, Cars became the leading online destination for car shoppers and owners in 2012. We began to offer credible and easy-to-understand information to help consumers research, price and find vehicles, quality service, and latest news of the industry.

2013 - 2014

We opened a new department in our US-based office that specializes on reviewing both modern and vintage cars as well as performing test drives of new and used vehicles, even those you can hardly see in your country.

2015 - 2016

We extended our activities to include the young and aspiring bloggers in our staff. Meeting the readers’ increasing needs we decided to create a department of true specialists who are passionate about informing our customers of all aspects of the automobile industry.


John McCoist

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Bradley Grosh

Leader of Test Drive Department

Alan Smith

Reviewing Expert

Laura Stegner

Journalist, Car News Department